Lasting Powers of Attorney

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Dying without leaving a valid Will stating who should inherit your estate when you die will mean that you will die ‘Intestate’ and the intestacy rules will be used to decide who should inherit. This may mean that part or all of your estate will pass to those you did not wish to benefit or to the ‘Crown’ if you have no relatives.

What are the risks if
I don’t have an LPA?

If you lose mental capacity your family will need to apply to the Court of Protection to apply for the role of deputy to deal with your financial affairs. This can slow down any financial decisions you would like them to as they can only act within the restrictions imposed by the court. The deputyship process can be time consuming and expensive and ongoing court supervision fees must also be paid

All of my bank accounts are joint accounts so I should be fine?

Unfortunately that is not the case, joint accounts can be severely restricted if one of the joint account holders loses capacity. The law states that not even the spouse or civil partner has the right to make financial decisions on behalf of their incapacitated partner without a registered LPA or the consent of the Court of Protection

Our Approach

Is it straightforward to set up an LPA?

Yes its very straight forward to set up whilst you have full mental capacity. We will act as your certificate provider and both LPAs can be set up for a nominal amount of £700 and the additional cost to register these with the office of the Public Guardian is currently £82 each

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cost of a single Will £300 and Mirror Wills £600

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